SUNDARAM ALLOYS LTD. has adopted the most acceptable quality systems right from the Raw Material feeding to the furnace to finished product handling.

Raw Material feeding is consists of inspection and quality control followed by Lab reports on various raw materials based on IS 1473-1960 amendment for Manganese Ores and other IS Amendments for reluctant and fluxes. After ensuring these reports by process metallurgists the raw materials inspection will be conducted by verifying physical and chemical characteristics prior to feeding into the furnace through batch weighing system. After getting the desired end product called the finished product i.e.,High Carbon Ferro Manganese metal, it will be once again tested in the laboratory for inspection and quality control measures . This will be carried out within 2 to 3 hours interval by taking hot samples of the end product and verified for its chemical specifications and these test reports will be given to process metallurgists for taking corrective measures if required.

The Hot molten metal is collected in casting pans instead of sand pockets contamination further slag is systematically removed in molten stage itself to avoid slag mixing in the pure metal. The finished product confirms to customers required sized and stacked in specified stockyard size wise in respective platforms and yards.